PLA Biodegradable Compostable Packing Bag Thickened Logistics Bag

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Product information:

Size: 25*35 (cm)
Material: Biodegradable material
Packaging level: sales packaging/terminal packaging
Weight: 10
The ratio of pure material to recycled material: other
Sealing length: 5cm
Process: eager
Supply type: customizable
Glue type: see description
Plastic varieties: PA
Color: 20*30+5,25*35+5,33*38+5,33*40+5,38*42+5,40*50+5, just like
Uses: bedding bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, gift bags, storage bags, waterproof bags, jewelry bags, container bags, general packaging, food bags, cosmetics bags, clothing bags, mobile phone packaging bags, logistics packaging, daily necessities packaging bags , Apparel packaging, fertilizer packaging, feed packaging, digital packaging, chemical packaging, building materials packaging
Self weight: 0.02g
Double layer thickness: 14 silk
Error: 1 (mm)

Packing list:

Packing bagx1