About LVA

Hi, My name is Laura, I’m a Colombian American multimedia creative. As LVA, I express through mural, traditional and digital painting, digital collage, digital photography, photo manipulation, papier-mâché sculpture, and video and music production.

Born in Cali, Colombia my early childhood was spent surrounded by artisans and creatives who happen to be my family. Living in my grandmother's house when young I saw my relatives work on art and pottery, their dedication was and is a source of present inspiration. 

My art style includes line work, often colorful and mixed, my painting can be described as surreal and expressionistic, sometimes abstract, often manifesting in spiritual awakening themes, occult revelations, often showing the "god within.”
As a photographer I emanate simplicity and beauty in the mundanity of life, spaces, and objects I capture. As a sculptor I enjoy creating useful items, and curious masks mixing nature, culture, and imagination usually revealing other worldly surreal shapes and figures. As a developing videographer and editor, I seek to improve not only my angles and cuts, but discernment of vision and purpose, as I seek to get out of the limiting box we often create in our thoughts. As a music producer, song writer, and singer, along with everything else I indulge in, I strive to keep true to myself, my perception of the life and the world both within and without. I create for both the pure enjoyment of expression, and the enlightenment and unification of us all.

Currently located in Greenville, SC, I enjoy curating community art-making meetups, collaborative exhibitions, in hopes to expand human awareness and connection through the arts. I believe creatives should move as an open collective in order to make the world a kinder place.