First Creative Meetup (2023) was a successss….

First Creative Meetup (2023) was a successss….

Sunday April 2nd was our first Creative Meetup of the year (2023)! Thanks to everyone who came out to share creative space, support one another and connect! It was wonderful interacting and networking with some of you, I am hyped for the next one coming up Sunday May 7th, 3pm at Unity Park in Greenville, SC.

Please feel free to share, the more the merrier, the more connections and networking. My purpose for these is the unity of creatives in order to make the world a brighter place.

‘Searching Passionate Souls..

On a similar note there are ideas and plans in the making for an all inclusive showcase. If you’re interested in showing your work (art, visual, performance, music, film), collaborating, or having your creative idea  implemented…please contact me.

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