The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

Love is living, is learning, is growth, is a blessing… no matter how hard the lesson may be. I look at all the light I’ve come upon till now, the opportunities often in hardships that laid before me, the ones built for me and the paths I’ve made.

I think of everything I've learned so far, and what I’m learning as I go, (‘cause learning never stops!) the awareness of the power of my thoughts is what I’m most grateful for.

We worship that which we think about most, which makes us feel, which in turn leads our perspective and turns into our actions.
Hence moment by moment, it’s always a decision: I can take my thoughts captive to love, or I can let fear and its doubts rule me. My happiness or misery depend on this process. Our minds are THAT powerful.

I remember not too long ago realizing this truth, how we possess enough self will to confront negativity with its opposite. Not letting the lower perspective bind us in its often sad, comfortable pride, and self-righteousness, in other words— the angry passionate misery of being miserable. We can get so comfortable in our habits and thinking rituals, anything outside this comfort zone becomes scary, offensive, even “wrong”. Many using religious wordage to keep their chains on.

Whatever we think about becomes our feelings, which in turn express through our actions and our living. If I say “I can’t”, it’s not really that I can’t. I may be completely capable and able, but the moment I deny my own ability, that is the moment I debilitate my power, making myself incompetent by destroying all possibilities.
Negativity is conducted by fear, and fear is NEVER our friend.

I’ve found, at least for myself, that to be positive means that even in our pain, anger, frustration, even perversions we are still seeking to free ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and honest, bare, raw, real—as we feel the pain, the guilt, the truth through and though. Letting them suffocate us into the flood of emotions as they burn the negative monster our fears created in us, till all that’s left is gold and we have finally let go. No longer seeking to control each and every situation, accepting others as versions of ourselves, loving regardless of the pain, walking away from fear-- seeing it as the liar it is. When we let go of trying to be “just right”, then we find peace in being love here now.

Your thoughts, your life, your choice.

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