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oh, hello there...

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. My goal is at least once a month, however I’ve been behind the scenes painting, sculpting, taking photos and video to edit into social media content, learning, analyzing my purpose, organizing my business, along with everything a part time employee and liberal-homeschool mom does.

I’ve also been hosting creative meetup events all year (with a short two/three month pause). Our last one took place at Unity Park this past Nov. 6th and the next one and possibly last of of the year (it’s getting cold!) will be on Sunday Nov.27th. View reel/short video of last Nov.6th Creative GVL Meetup.

And last but not least, I started training with GVL Greenville Roller Derby for the past three months, and hopefully will join the team officially by the start of December!

As busy as it may all seem, it is my taste and what I see as an active manifestation of my goals, and desire to connect with the world around me. I am lucky, blessed and learning every experience I live and learn from. It’s all about expansion of the heart to the greater good: unification of all. I myself being as a connecting beam of light, through all the mirrors of ourselves, as we are versions of each-other, we are one.

Recently (in the past few days I’ve added sites/pages to/in addition to my website such as:

Services, expanding more on them, along with prices, where to book me, and a public calendar! (I’m not too crazy about how the google calendar website extension looks…awful, but it does the job?)

An expansive Work (and Thoughts) In Progress LOG, (thank you Tumblr!) For all the itty-bitty details, and thoughts on everything I am doing! I’m looking to keep this log updated a few times on the daily. (It’s so easy and fast to post—and edit!)

Today I’ll be putting together a short newsletter on it all and sending it out to the few who are interested in my work and mindset. If you wish to subscribe, please do at the bottom of this page. THANK YOU!

For more constant content please view my social-media botton/links on the left side of navigation list.

May we be prosperous in our endeavors...

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