Frida Kahlo collage

Posted by Laura Amezquita on

Frida Kahlo was born July 6th, 1907. Today I celebrate her, join me!

I first heard about Frida Kahlo when I was maybe eleven years old. An aunt had a book of her paintings which took my attention. Years later I watched a film about her and I fell in love with her persona, though it wasn’t until later that I understood her drive.

Last year I started to fiddle with digital collage, playing with images particularly of people I admire. My first was of Billie Holiday, a woman who inspired me musically. A few months after I started on Frida Kahlo, and in I went with all the small details. 
One after another and another I cropped, lassoed and placed every image in place. It was tedious, but thoroughly enjoyable. Collaging has become one of my most enjoyable art styles.

 As you look into these you’ll find however many faces and poses of Frida Kahlo through out her life. 

Purchase the complete collage piece here. 


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